Scrumptious Pattern Collection Volume 1

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This is the first Scrumptious yarn pattern collection from Fyberspates. If you love to knit with the gorgeously silky scrumptious yarn, then this pattern book is a must. The book contains a set of 20 modern and exciting patterns which will appeal to knitters of all levels . There are a range of patterns for different weights of yarns and using different techniques such as lace knitting, knitting in the round, cable work and shaping. As well as the patterns, the book has details of techniques and advice. The patterns have been created by a number of people including Jeni Hewlett, Lily France and Jen Arnall-Culliford. Examples of patterns are given below.                                  
Scrumptious Pattern Collection Volume 1

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Written by Chunly Funky Babe on 13th Jul 2011

Scrumptious temptation

A wonderful collection of patterns that I feel are user friendly for beginners and experienced knitters. The book has a couple of patterns for each Scrumptious weighted yarn and I have already completed one project using the gorgeous scrumptious chunky. Completely hooked!

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