Knit Pro set of 3 cable connectors

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This set is useful for joining together a number of cables to provide a longer cable length. It is advised that a cable key is used to tighten the connector to the cable (otherwise the connector could become loose and the knitting unravel). Product Details: An innovative product  - an extremely useful tool for joining two cables to provide a larger cable length Can be used for handling larger products Convenient to use Comes with a tightening slot that can be used to provide more grip with the help of a cable key Available in two cable lengths of 35mm and 50mm Packed in a small handy pouch The set consists of two cable connectors (35mm and 50mm) and a cable key, all packed in a pouch.
Knit Pro set of 3 cable connectors

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Weight: 15.00 Grams
Width: 6.00
Height: 11.00
Depth: 0.20
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