Pom Pom Animals by Trikotri

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45 animal pompom projects made from wool.

Pom poms. Colourful balls or tufts made of fiber. You will often see them with cheerleaders or on the top of a hat. With Pom Pom Animals beside you, however, you can change them into adorable animals.

Bear, rabbit, sheep, cat, dog, squirrel, bird, lion and more. You can create over 40 kinds of animals with the easy-to-understand instructions and plentiful step-by-step photos. Wind the yarn around the pom pom maker, cut to shape the contour of the face, put ears, nose and eyes on it - and that's it! A realistic and cute pom pom animal is now with you. This book is sure to give all craft fans a new enjoyment of making pom poms.

About trikotri (Tsubasa Kuroda)

Tsubasa Kuroda, a.k.a. trikotri was born in 1981 and graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts. She started working on pom poms while working for a handicraft store. She won the first Handmade Award with her pom-pom animal brooch in 2014. She is now creating accessories and small handicrafts. This is her first book.

Pom Pom Animals by Trikotri

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