Multipom Pom Pom maker

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This simple, new and much quicker method of making lots of identical pompoms at the same time makes the applications for their use far greater than has previously been possible.  Childhood memories of making them are of cutting circles of card to make just 1 pompom. Current pompom makers on the market make the job simpler, but still only make 1 pompom at a time. 

With the Multipom you can make up to 20 identical pompoms at a time any size between just 1cm and 12 cm diameter, all on the same device and using any yarn. The Multipom can be used to make pompoms for:  - soft furnishings  - braiding - rugs - for decoration . The Multipom comes with full instructions on how to make multiple pom poms of different sizes and with some tips and ideas.

Multipom Pom Pom maker

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