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Soak Wash Inc. designs, markets and distributes Soak, the leading liquid laundry soap for delicates. Soak also provides consumers with a range of secondary products which support the company philosophy of caring for the washables you cherish most. These include wash basins, care labels and travel size samples. Soak supports its distributors and retailers with leading edge marketing resources and educational tools unseen before in the detergent category. Originally created as a care product for founder Jacqueline Sava’s knit accessories collection ‘Jacqs-hats’,

Soak has since evolved into a premium wash for all delicate items. Soak is a biodegradable, phosphate-free and eco-friendly wash available in an assortment of delicate fragrances plus Scentless, for your sensitive side. Watch for new products launching throughout the year such as Heel, foot cream for feet worthy of hand-knit socks.

The mini soaks are a great way of trying out Soak wash (containing 5ml of wash) and are also small enough to stick in your handpack or for washing clothes when travelling. They come in 4 fragrances as follows:   Scentless. Aquae (blue/green packaging). Celebration (deep pink packaging). Lacey (lilac coloured packaging).  The price given is for postage withing the UK.

Mini Soaks

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