Manos del Uruguay 6 monthly club subscription

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Brand new from Manos del Uruguay hand dyed yarns is this stunning project club, which delivers an exclusively designed pattern, and exclusive shades. 

A project every month

Over the 6 month subscription you will receive a variety of accessory projects including shawls, socks and cowls in our most popular Manos del Uruguay bases from Alegria to Cabrito using bouncy brioche, luscious lace, tantalizing textures and tassels. All projects are aimed at knitters with some experience looking for a challenge and beyond. Build confidence knitting in the round and turning heels, and try your hand at two-colour brioche.

With this subscription box, you'll receive an exclusively designed pattern and exclusive shades of favourite Manos del Uruguay Yarns every month to complete a project that's been specially curated.

. £20 cheaper than buying each month individually

-FEBRUARY: Borla Cowl with 2 skeins of 'Autumn Leaves' Alegria Grande yarn + pattern
-MARCH: Paralelo Brioche Scarf with 1 skein of 'Marbles' and 1 skein of 'Going Loco' Cabrito yarn+ pattern
-APRIL: Raya Cowl with 1 skein of 'Rallets' and 1 skein of 'Baltic' Silk blend yarn + pattern
-MAY: Pajaro Brioche Shawl with 1 skein of 'Pheasant' and 1 skein of 'Poison' Fino yarn + pattern
-JUNE: Honeycomb Socks with 1 skein of ‘Left and Right’ Alegria yarn+ pattern
-JULY: Deco Shawl with 1 skein of 'Sweetpea' Marina yarn + pattern

These beautiful new yarn shades are exclusive to this subscription box and won't be found without their patterns!

Manos del Uruguay is a non-profit organisation. It was created in 1968 to provide rural women with jobs in their home towns. Today, 47 years later, we are still committed to the same objective; to give economical, social and personal development opportunities to the women in Uruguay's countryside. 

A separarate project box will be sent out each month.


NB - the price includes free postage to customers in the UK. A separate bill will be sent for (discounted) postage sent overseas.


Manos del Uruguay 6 monthly club subscription

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