Knit Pro wool (ball) winder

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The latest product from Knit Pro is a table top wool winder, which, together with a swift helps you to wind hanks or skeins of yarn into yarn cakes or balls. The wool wonder comes packaged in a box. Very useful accessory for knitting and crochet! Hand-operated yarn/fiber winder for making pull thread balls Easily winds your yarn / thread Compact and light in weight With built-in table clamp that will work on table thickness up to 6.5cm (2.6")

Knit Pro wool (ball) winder

Product Reviews

Written by Nicola on 16th Jan 2021

New favourite crochet accessory!

This is a great product and possibly my favourite accessory in my crochet arsenal. Easy to set up and use and great for creating tight yarn cakes to sit on my Wool Jeanie. Also great for winding up those loose, end-of-ball bundles.

UPC: Knit Pro Wool Winder
Weight: 200.00 Grams
Width: 15.50
Height: 15.50
Depth: 13.00
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