Knit Pro Nova Interchangeable Needles

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  • (Special Tips are designed to produce circulars in 40cm (16") length.
  • Each tip measures 10cm (4") and is to be used with cable of 20cm (8") length)
  • Specially designed to produce 40cm length (cable + tips)
  • Each needle tip is 10cm in length
  • To be used specially with cable length of 20cm (Product Code: 10500/10520)
  • Engineered from hollow brass pipes and plated with high quality nickel, its polished surface is a knitter’s delight
  • Sharp and gradually tapered points are ideal for all knitting projects
  • Light weight insures comfort in the hand and hours of stress free, satisfying knitting
  • Durability of brass metal guarantees minimal wear and maximum life
  • Innovatively designed and easy to connect cable has a smooth join that enables superior stitch glide and no snagging
  • A streamlined manufacturing process makes Nova needles highly affordable
  • Excellent for all levels of knitting experience – beginners, as well more experienced knitters


KnitPro Nova – the best & most affordable interchangeable metal needle. Each pack consists of a set of 2 Nova Interchangeable Circular Needles.

Knit Pro Nova Interchangeable Needles

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Weight: 14.00 Grams
Width: 5.50
Height: 22.00
Depth: 0.50
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