Knit like a Latvian: Socks by Ieva Ozolina

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Ieva Ozolina left her role as Chief Financial Officer at a large company in order to pursue her dream of opening a wool and knitting shop, Hobbywool. The shop is still open in the heart of old town Riga, Latvia, and Hobbywool is a family-run company, with Ieva's husband and children all helping out with the business.

Knit yourself a pair of stunning Latvian socks with this collection of traditional Latvian sock knitting patterns. There are 50 different styles to choose from including simpler variations of the socks such as leg warmers and ankle socks so, even if you are an inexperienced knitter, you can create a beautiful traditional design. Knitted socks have always played an important role in traditional Latvian culture: girls are taught to knit at a young age and it is traditional for brides to give socks and mittens as a gift to guests on their wedding day. This collection captures the essence of these stunning folk patterns and shows how you can mix these traditional designs with your contemporary wardrobe.
Knit like a Latvian: Socks by Ieva Ozolina

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