Japanese Knot Bag

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This Japanese knot bag has been produced by Undercover Owl especially for The Yarn Cafe. It is handmade and can be used for your small knitting projects such as socks or gloves, or as a make-up or trinkets bag. It is quite roomy and you will be able to fit a number of projects or balls/skeins of yarn within it. It is fully reversable and comes in a number of designs.

The bag has two handles. One can be inserted into another and looped onto a belt or your wrist so that you can knit whilst you walk! The bag can be used to keep your yarn in when knitting or crocheting - preventing it being lost on the floor or being chased by a cat! The bag is approximately 32cm wide (approx 12.5 inches), with a height of 23cm (about 9 inches) excluding the handles.

Japanese Knot Bag

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Weight: 65.00 Grams
Width: 32.00
Height: 40.00
Depth: 1.00
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