Japanese Knitting Stitches from Tokyo's Kazekobo Studio

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Yoko Hatta is the designer behind the Japanese knitting studio Kazekobo. A prolific artist whose work spans over thirty years, she has written many knitwear books and stitch dictionaries, and contributed to numerous magazines and compilations in both Japan and the US. She is a contributor to Brooklyn Tweed and Vogue Knitting, and over 1,000 of her designs can be seen on Ravelry.com. Her designs are known for adding contemporary flair to classic garments.

Translator and introduction writer Cassandra Harada is a fibre artist living in Japan, and spends most of her time knitting, and spinning for herself and good friends. Originally from the US, Cassandra has been in Japan for about 15 years and thoroughly enjoys studying the language and culture of her adopted home.

This exciting new Japanese stitch dictionary is from popular designer Yoko Hattathe founder and driving force behind the Kazekobo Studio. Though this is her first book in English, her work already has an extensive following in Western countriesmore than 1,000 of her designs can be seen on Ravelry.com. Hatta is one of several Japanese knitters whose patterns and designs have sparked an explosion of interest in Japanese knitting techniques and aesthetics around the world. A guide to the basic symbols shows how to knit the stitches, step-by-step.

Japanese Knitting Stitches from Tokyo's Kazekobo Studio

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