Clover Locking Stitch Markers

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These locking stitch markers can be used to mark the location of particular stitches as they can hang in your work. They are designed to hook into the knitted or crocheted stitch and will not slip out. There are 20 markers within a pack and they are brightly coloured.

Clover Locking Stitch Markers

Product Reviews

Written by Tree on 14th Aug 2011

Just what I was looking for

these stitch markers are brilliant, they are just the right size to mark your place in the pattern but as they are so small they do it almost invisibly. So, you don't get that irritating extra bit of yarn going around the stitch marker that you do with other sized markers. The only thing that lost it a star was the fact that they do not really fit 6mm straight needles, I have not tried on circular ones though. Definitely worth buying and at this price I say why not get two?

Weight: 8.00 Grams
Width: 6.50
Height: 13.00
Depth: 1.00
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