Clover Cable Needles - "U" Stitch Holders

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These cable stitch holders from Clover are useful for holding stitches whilst you create cable knitting. Shaped like hooks, the stitches are placed safely onto the "U" part of the cable needle. You can then knit a stitch releasing from the other side of the "U" cable stitch holder. The pack includes three coloured cable needles in small.medium and large sizes.

Clover Cable Needles - "U" Stitch Holders

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Written by Chunky Funky Babe on 13th Jul 2011

A simple but brilliant idea!

I'm not keen on cable knitting and one of the reasons is the cable needle keeps getting in the way of my knitting or I drop stitches manouvering the cable needle. This solves all my problems - the stitches are transferred onto the hook of the needle which hangs naturally on either side of your work and you use the long end to knit back into your work. Ingenious!

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