Shades of Heavensphere - "Living Rainforest" from Beaker Button

"Living Rainforest" is the second of the series and has been produced for us by Beaker Button. Here are details of Jen and here inspiration for the yarn.

"I've been dyeing yarn for about three years. I make Dorset button kits and was becoming frustrated with the selection and availability of yarn for my kits. I swapped spinning lessons with an Indy user friend and have never looked back. I love the whole process of dyeing, from choosing colours to turning my finished yarn into buttons, or occasionally knitted garments.

I'm influenced by everything. Nature is a big draw for me, especially the sky. I spend hours looking at the sky. I'm a real image junkie so I spend hours photographing the world around me, or trawling pinterest, and I like to take colour combinations from images. The yarn I've dyed for you is inspired by a recent trip to The Living Rain Forest, with all the beautiful green fleshy plants and a tiny splash of peach flowers."

The name "Hemisphere" is inspired by the beautifully soft texture of the yarn and the fact that the fleece originates in the Southern Hemisphere.

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