12 in 12 Sock Challenge  - March socks

12 in 12 Sock Challenge - March socks

For March, we had the talented Hannah from Hey Jay hand dyed yarns create some lovely gradient bundles of sock yarn for us. Each bundle consists of a 100g skein of merino/nylon sock yarn and a matching 20g skein for contrast heels and toes and is available at https://www.theyarncafe.com/hey-jay-merino-sock-yarn-bundle/.  For the challenge, I used the Lumineux pattern from Ysolda Teague at https://www.theyarncafe.com/lumineux-sock-pattern/.

The pattern features an afterthought heel, which was a new challenge. The first one that I did looked a little like a pyramid rather than snug fitting heel. For the second sock, I used plenty of stitch markers. This helped in determining stitch counts and shaping.