Bento Box for Sirka® Counter

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The Bento Box for the Sirka® counter is available in two beautiful colourways - yellow and blue (birdie) and purple and turquoise (dolphin). We also have a rainbow colourway which is two boxes. The Sirka™ bento box, which is designed to protect your Sirka® counter in style.

Shaped like a Japanese lunchbox, the Sirka™ bento box consists of a base, a lid, a felt shape, and an elastic band. Simply place your counter (dial side up!) inside the base, center the felt shape over the dial, place the lid on top, and secure the lid to the base with the elastic band. Ridges on either side of the lid keep the elastic band in place.

The Sirka™ bento box is available in two beautiful colorways, so you can match your bento box to your Sirka® counter. Perfection! Please note that a counter is not included with the purchase of a Sirka™ bento box. A Sirka® counter can be purchased at

Note: if you choose the rainbow colourway, you receive two boxes.

Bento Box for Sirka® Counter

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Weight: 63.00 Grams
Width: 15.50
Height: 21.50
Depth: 3.00
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