Sunflower Swifts

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When you buy beautiful yarn, you want to use the best equipment with it. Sunflower Swifts wanted to make something that would be sturdy and long lasting, but something that was tactile and beautiful at the same time. And here it is - an exquisite piece of craftsmanship that will make the job of winding up skeins a joy. Sunflower Swifts are made from Ash - an ethically sourced solid hardwood.

The centre spindle and washer are made from solid brass. The yarn swift comes with 5 pegs so you have 1 spare (in case you lose one!). The pegs are cleverly designed with a gentle curve, which hugs the skein of yarn as the yarn swift revolves, helping to prevent slipping.The swift has felt on the base, which protects the surface it stands on and helps to prevent it from sliding around while in use.

This swift will accommodate a skein up to 72" in circumference, and the peg holes are placed 1" apart to encompass most skein sizes. Sunflower Swifts folds up neatly when not in use, for easy storage. It comes finished, oiled and polished, and just needs the occasional flick of a duster for upkeep. The square pegs and holes prevent them from turning whilst the yarn is being wound, and twisting the skein.

The price include shipping directly from Sunflower Swifts to the UK. If you would like shipping to Europe, the cost will be £54.50 to Europe or £59.50 to U.S.A and Worldwide. The order is normally sent out within 10 days of order. However, if they have just started to make a new set of swifts, then it could be up to 2 weeks before delivery, as each swift is hand made. We will give you an indication of the likely delivery date or you can contact us before placing an order.

Sunflower Swifts

Product Reviews

Written by Jenni Llewellyn on 12th Mar 2018

Swift review

I bought a Sunflower swift a couple of years ago for my own use. When my sister wanted a swift I bought her a Sunflower for her birthday. Easy to use and store and also beautifully made.

Written by Rose on 13th May 2017

lovely swift

I've wanted a yarn swift for ages but all the ones I've seen before have seemed flimsy or bulky. The Sunflower swift is a lovely looking and well made product. I love the fact it folds up for storage and it's a joy to use.

Written by Koryu on 1st Apr 2017

Yarn adventures await, well that or a hoard of lovely balls of yarn ready for knitting

I have quite a few skeins of yarn to prep for knitting and sometimes it is just sad and depressing to unwind it by hand and rewind it with my ball-winder. With this nifty tool I can adjust the tension on the skein and comfortably let the ball-winder do the work. The swift is smooth and turns well without catching, the feet are padded and won't leave marks on the table. I really enjoyed using this swift and it will see much use in the days to come. It is now folded up neatly and kept with my prepped yarn. Sadly one less excuse not to buy even more yarn has now gone...look at all the shinies!

Written by Lin on 18th Oct 2016

Beautiful hand crafted swift

I was so thrilled to receive this gorgeous sunflower swift. It's beautifully crafted and works so smoothly. Delivery was good and it was very well wrapped. I think fate intervened as I'd ordered a different one elsewhere that never arrived and then I found this one. Can't thank you enough for sending it have lots of lovely skeins to cake ;)

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