Longer Pegs for Sunflower Swifts

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When you buy beautiful yarn, you want to use the best equipment with it. Sunflower Swifts wanted to make something that would be sturdy and long lasting, but something that was tactile and beautiful at the same time. And here it is - an exquisite piece of craftsmanship that will make the job of winding up skeins a joy. Sunflower Swifts are made from Ash - an ethically sourced solid hardwood.

This item is a set of 5 longer pegs for the Sunflower Swift. The pegs are useful for winding more bulky yarns or large amount of strands (e.g. fine laceweight yarns). The pegs are about twice the length of standard pegs but with the same curve at the end.  If you order a set of longer pegs at the same time as a Sunflower Swift or nostepinne, the cost of shipping associated with the longer pegs will be refunded.

Longer Pegs for Sunflower Swifts

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